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Gourmet Chocolate - Buckeye Candy, Chocolate Bombs and More

Melted gourmet Chocolate Columbus, Ohio high quality chocolate

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Chocolate Lover

Drizzle Dips loves making delicious goodies made with the best Belgium chocolate. Every order is made in small batches to ensure exceptional taste every time. Order the best gourmet chocolates today for the most thoughtful gifts!

Gourmet Chocolates Stir Sticks with a Hot Chocolate Bomb and mini marshmellows
Pieces of Chocolate Fudge
Flavored Popcorn
Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Topping Drizzled with Decadent Melted Fudge


Delicious Fun

Drizzle Dips uses only the finest Belgium chocolate. Our gourmet chocolates provide a silk, rich creamy taste that is full of flavor and rich texture. Try our chocolate gift box! A sampling of our finest chocolates. Great for special occasions!

Flavored Popcorn

Snack Time

Who doesn't love popcorn? Drizzle Dips is so excited to now offer flavored popcorn. There is a flavor for everyone ranging from sweet to spicy.  Check out the flavors in the online store. 


Indulge Your Taste Buds

Drizzle Dips loves making hot chocolate products. Seasonally, Drizzle Dips offers hot chocolate bombs, coffee bombs, and our best-seller, hot chocolate stir sticks.

homemade Buckeyes is the one homemade candy everyone loves. These simple candy are great for anyone, even if they're not from Ohio or an Ohio State Buckeye fan. (My family is from Michigan, so we get it!) Shop today for the holidays.. Buckeye chocolate available in gift box sets. Whether you like dark or milk chocolates, these buckeyes are sure to please the whole family. Classic buckeye chocolate from Drizzle Dips is a number one customer favorite.

These taste very similar to Reese peanut butter cups. It doesn't take much to bake these treats. These sweet treats can be enjoyed in bite-sized pieces and melt in your mouth. These treats are delicious! We're sharing our tips on making buckeyes.

About Drizzle Dips

Drizzle Dips specializes in all things chocolate, however, there are two favorite items: Hot Chocolate Bombs & Buckeyes.

Your mouth will water when you see Drizzle Dips creamy peanut butter, milk chocolate covered buckeyes. These gourmet chocolates make the perfect gift or dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The hot chocolate bombs will delight any child, young or old, in the cold winter months. Drop in your favorite hot drink and watch the magic unfold.

hot chocolate bombs made with milk chocolate

Joseph Cook, OH

“The Columbus natives are onto something with the Chocolate Covered  Peanut Butter Buckeye chocolates from Drizzle Dips. It's like a marriage of culinary Columbus culture and confectionery perfection - that heavenly peanut butter center with just the right hint of sweetness, enrobed in a smooth, luxurious layer of rich and creamy gourmet chocolate. Talk about mouthwatering perfection! These buckeyes have Columbus written all over them - so never fear, Columbus natives (or any peanut butter lover out there), you'll have no regrets digging into these treats anytime soon!"

Anita James, NY

"Columbus is home to so many treasures, from it's Ohio State university to the Columbus zoo, but one of its best kept secrets is Drizzle Dips where you can find the tastiest chocolate-covered creamy peanut butter buckeyes and rich chocolate fudge. The buckeyes are truly an Ohioan specialty with their combination of velvety peanut butter centers covered in smooth chocolate or espresso dark chocolate. Whether you're a Columbus local or just passing through, I'd recommend a visit to Drizzle Dips and trying out their irresistible buckeyes (either classic style or rich espresso dark chocolate). Trust me, you won't be disappointed with this top pick!"

Susan Back, OH

“It’s Columbus, Ohio! Home of the buckeyes! What better tribute to the city could there be than a delectable treat from Drizzle Dips? Their Chocolate Covered Gourmet Peanut Butter Buckeye Chocolate certainly fits the bill. The classic peanut butter center is covered in rich, smooth milk chocolate – a perfect combination that satisfies your craving for something sweet, salty and oh so tasty. Columbus should be proud; Drizzle Dips’ Chocolate Covered Creamy Peanut Butter Buckeye Candy is sure to be a fan favorite!”


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